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Gather Us Together (Vinyl)

$ 20 USD

Full Length LP

13 Songs



Gather Us Together (CD)

$ 10 USD

Full Length CD

13 Songs



All Things Made New

$ 10 USD

Full Length

12 songs



Glowfriends/ Canyons of Static Split

$ 8.00 USD

limited edition

split 7" 



Eyelash EP

$ 8 USD

Limited Edition EP

8 songs



To Have & To Hold

$ 10 USD

Full Length

12 Songs



A Farewell To Fair-Weather

$ 10 USD

Full Length

16 Songs



The Bridge Over River Qua Split EP

$ 8 USD

Split EP

8 Songs



“Constructed of guitars bouncing to and fro between jangly and crushing, and rhythms that rise and fall, Gather Us Together manages a maze of multiple moods...a beautiful psychedelic tinged aura, encompassed by melodies ranging from dreamy to heavy rest in every corner of Gather us Together leading the set be an experience you won't soon forget.  These are the kinds of tunes that really pull the listener in.  Assured and arresting, Glowfriends have a deep and sincere understanding of the music they play, and Gather Us Together is a testimony to their dedication to their art.  A bang-up job all the way!"

                                         - SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS

"Their beguiling, intricately-layered pop tunes now sport a newfangled knife-edged kick...fetching, interwoven voices soar, while their intimate lyrics are like eavesdropping on a private conversation.  They've been called "Dreamcore" or "Kalamashoegaze," but to me it's simply wonderful music."  

                                           - THE BIG TAKEOVER

"When many local bands would be running on empty, Kalamazoo's glowfriends sound fuller than ever on their fifth full-length.  Recently expanded to a six-piece, the group's sound has never been more expansive, or intricate.  With the primary focus remaining the beautiful brother-sister vocal work of April Zimont and Mark Andrew Morris ("Jr Mint," "Wait For The Waves," etc.), the array of ethereal sounds, layers of guitar effects, and driving rhythms lock together with the intuitive feel that reflects their experience.  Still massively under-appreciated, this is glowfriend's most perfectly paced record yet." 

                                                                               - RECOIL



"Few bands get to coin their own genre. Fewer can include their hometown in it. For glowfriends, calling their take on dreamy, occasionally driving indie-pop "Kalamashoegaze" fits as perfectly as a warm embrace. Preceding the third year of their stellar summer annual Kalamashoegazer Festival, the quintet's fourth full-length came out well-crafted with the mesmerizing melodies of brother and sister lead vocalists April and Mark Andrew Morris enchanting listeners as they explored every aspect of love."

                                                                         - RECOIL



"Shimmering guitars and hushed yet angelic vocals intertwine to envelope the listener not just in the music but the entire glowfriends world. The music is so intense and personal I'm forced to believe that the relationship created on this record is not between two fictional characters but between the band and the listener. From the majesty of discovering the music to the final notes when we know that it all must come to pass, "To have & To Hold" takes us in and makes us one with the band."

                                                       - THE TICKET



"'To Have and To Hold' is a refreshing take on the three-minute pop song. On the album's first single, "Miraculous," April Morris proves herself to be a nuanced vocalist in the tradition of Suzanne Vega and Regina Spektor. Her sweet but never syrupy voice floats over a perfect piece of ensemble playing that features the tasteful playing of guitarist Mark Morris and vibraphonist Jenn Hendrix.  Bassist Holly Morris and drummer J.W. Hendrix lay down a groove on "Every Song Comes Untied" that recalls Yo La Tengo's best lazy strolls through a pop groove, while "Scared of Love" is the best song The Cure never wrote.  With "To Have and To Hold," the Glowfriends members have fused the soaring choruses of Radiohead and U2 with the dreamy nature of the Beach Boys' "Smile." There are no flashy solos or berserk changes in style or tempo, just exquisite playing from a very talented band."              

                        - THE FREE PRESS(KINSTIN, NC)


"Can music get any more beautiful than this?  Radiating on and on with lush textures, stirring melodies and breathtaking vocals, "To Have & To Hold" swells with celestial vibes.  Nicking a cue from the shoegazing surrealism of bands like Ride, Jupiter Sun and My Bloody Valentine, then injecting their own special sauce into the casserole, Glowfriends boast a sound that's equal parts vintage and contemporary, resulting in the type of songs that are really timeless ...hypnotic and haunting, "To Have & To Hold" possesses the ability to transport the listener into another dimension.  Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous."

                                                   - TWIST & SHAKE



"Favorable comparisons have already been made to Nick Drake and the wonderful Colin Blunstone…it's possible to hear the influences of Love (Forever Changes era), Nico, and French chanteuse Francoise Hardy…"

                                     - SAN DIEGO TROUBADOR



"From start to finish the album kept me interested.  I was waiting for what the next line would be, much like I am when I first listen to an Elliott Smith or a Pedro the Lion record."

                                               - WESTERN HERALD



"This is alt-pop for a new generation"

                                                           - AMPLIFIER



"Acoustic based with haunting brother-sister harmonies, glowfriends' music washes over you like fog creeping in from the harbor"

                                            - THE BIG TAKE-OVER



"...these songs are soothing with adventurous chords, tasteful, jangly guitar work and uncluttered arrangements."

                                                           - GOLDMINE




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